Creating a Folder Named After a Date

I like to create folders on the fly for logging  purposes, as well as for keeping track of re-occurring actions, like scanning for disk usage on a given date.

The following PowerShell command is useful for creating a folder with a name in the format YYYYMMDD.

$folderName = “folder1_” + (Get-Date -uFormat  “%Y%m%d”)
This command makes a folder call folder1_20110226.

Another technique is do make the folder, and assign the date to the name all at once.

md (“folder2_” + (Get-Date -uFormat  “%Y%m%d”)).

Below you will see both techniques used, and then the old DIR command just to show that they were created successfully.

Make Folders with Date Names.

Instead of the DIR command I could have used the Powershell commandlette Get-ChildItem folder*, and it would have worked just as well.  I like DIR because I am use to it, and because it is less typing.

That’s all for this entry. Have a nice day.




About Patrick
I am a Systems Administrator that loves to code. I spend most of my time working with Microsoft PowerShell in an effort to find creative ways to manage the systems that I manage. I’ve found Powershell to be a useful, and interesting way to perform Sys. Admin functions.

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