User Home Folder Size and other Information (without Quest)

Frequently during my daily work I need to gather information on users that are contained in our Active Directory listing.  In a previous blog post, I had a script which does this work using a Quest commandlette.  Some environments don’t allow this, so a method to gather user data without using Quest is helpful to have available.
This script is used to quickly gather information on a users home folder, SAM account name, their email address, and the size of their home folder.

I use this a lot when I am moving users home folders from one server to another. To save time I frequently have the line that gathers home folder size remarked out with #.

The user account names that I am searching for are contained in a text file called
accounts.txt. This file is contained in the same folder as this script. The output is sent to the screen as well as a log file called output.csv.


$userArray = @(“SAMID,HomeDirectory,EmailAdress,HomeFolderSize”)
$allUsers = gc .\accounts.txt
$tempArray = @()
function logfile($strData)
Out-File -filepath output.csv -inputobject $strData -append
function getAccountInfo
$strName = $currentUser
$strFilter = “(&(objectCategory=User)(samAccountName=$strName))”
#Get User AD info
$objSearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher
$objSearcher.Filter = $strFilter
$objPath = $objSearcher.FindOne()
$objUser = $objPath.GetDirectoryEntry()
[string]$folder = $objUser.homeDirectory
[string]$email = $objUser.mail
[string]$samID = $objUser.sAMAccountName
[string]$folderSize= getFolderSize($objUser.homeDirectory)

$result = “$samID,$folder,$email,$folderSize”
$result #This causes the output to steam out, and be piped as the return from the function.
$folderSize = $null
$fs = $null
function getFolderSize($strPath)
$fs = New-Object -comobject Scripting.FileSystemObject
#Check validity of $strPath
if ($fs.FolderExists($strPath))
[double]$tempSize = ($fs.GetFolder($strPath).size) / 1024 / 1024
$tempSize = ‘{0:N}’ -f[double]$tempSize
$tempSize = “Bad folder path!”
$header = “SAMID,HomeDirectory,EmailAdress,HomeFolderSize”
Out-File -filepath output.csv -inputobject $header
foreach ($currentUser in $allUsers)
$tempOutput = getAccountInfo $currentUser
$userArray += [string[]]$tempOutput

Let me know if you have any questions about this, or if it is helpful.



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