Capturing Robocopy Metrics: Overview

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Today I am feeling ambitious, and I would like to launch a multi-post series on some of the work we are Christen_the_Seriesdoing this year.  Part of our requirements for the year are to capture the metrics that we create for the daily tasks that we do.  My first effort toward that end has been to create a process for tracking the amount and sizes of files that we move as part of our daily load balancing or server migration replications.

I have had good success with this endeavor, and wanted to share the results with the loyal followers of I am presenting my results in the following sequence:

Capturing Robocopy Metrics: Scanning the Log File. Using regular expressions to parse a Robocopy log file; doing this to extract the amount of data moved, and to count any errors to indicate any replication failures.

Capturing Robocopy Metrics: Setting Up the Replication Log. This is will be a look into the Robocopy template that we use. This is something that we have tweaked and nudged over the years, and I think we have a great replication process in place.

Capturing Robocopy Metrics: Uploading the Results to a Database. Take the results from the Robocopy log files, and add them into an SQL database.

Capturing Robocopy Metrics: Displaying the Results with Cold Fusion.  The final output. Display the Robocopy replication metrics in a Cold Fusion page. This will work with a standard HTML page, but we are applying the results to a Cold Fusion server.

I’m looking forward to sharing my results with you, and welcome any comments and suggestions you would like to present.

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